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Robert JohnsonRobert Johnson, the author of Plane Characters, had dreamed of flying aircraft from a very early age so at the age of eighteen using money borrowed from his parents he completed his private pilot’s licence.

Rob’s career with British Airways started in 1990 and he has been working with aircraft for coming up to twenty five years. He was first employed as an engineering apprentice and after five years of studying he qualified as an aircraft engineer specialising in aircraft electrical systems, radio and radar. 

In 1997 Rob successfully applied for sponsorship to become a commercial airline pilot and then spent 18 months training, initially in South Australia and then finally in Prestwick, Scotland.

After gaining his wings he spent his first five years flying as a First Officer on short haul routes in Europe. Rob then moved on to larger aircraft on long haul routes world-wide. More recently Rob gained promotion to Captain in 2007 and then a subsequent promotion to Training Captain in 2012.

Rob initially wrote the Pilot Ollie and Pilot Polly books for his own children as they were always interested in the places that he had been to and the sights that he had seen. Hence in an effort to share these experiences with his children and also other children with similar enquiring minds he decided to publish them. The books are written to be fun, informative and engaging along with being educational.

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