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Plane Characters Limited was founded early in 2015 to self-publish the books of commercial airline captain and author Rob Johnson.

By writing and illustrating books in a clear style whilst making them entertaining and educational we can satisfy the growing interest from young travellers about how airports and airlines work together to transport passengers to destinations around the world along with some of the key features of these countries.

The books are designed, illustrated and printed in the UK. The website and the social media sites are all designed and managed in the UK.

Our printer is committed to using sustainable paper sources, all the paper is FSC or PEFC graded and sourced from sustainable forests. In selecting raw materials and designing products and packaging our printer pursues policies aimed at making the most economical use of natural resources, encouraging the use of recycled materials or those from renewable sources. They avoid where possible the use of materials which are known to be detrimental to the environment, whether through their gathering, production or disposal.

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